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MDAUTEUIL is a French Canadian who has lived in France for a few years and has now settled in Finland, Since 2006. she associate different elements: bones, glass, soot, snake moults, blood, metals, stones, insects, dried short, all natural materials are an inspiration. Her pregnancies impacted on her art: Cartesian lines faded and gave way to curves and movement. Her trades as a former jeweler and glassblower combined with studies in psychology have influenced the materials used and their disposal. Born in Lac-Saint-Jean (North of Canada) and having lived in the woods during her childhood, her work is imbued with an ecological conscience. She uses only natural acids for metals and opt for water-based products for the protection and finishing. She creates with the smallest ecological footprint and uses materials that have completed their previous lives.

Her vision is inspired by her core values of how we interact and respect the environment. She felt compelled to integrate this aspect into her art. As a result, she feels a strong cohesion between her art and her personality. She also gives importance to memories and her art allows her to honour living beings. Each work is a small world in its own which she affectionately names: her planets. Authentic by nature, being an artist according to her, is a unique chance to impact on causes and topics that she cherishes. 


Megan Mcglynn

Megan McGlynn is an artist and designer originally from Philadelphia, USA. She moved to Helsinki in 2017 for studies in design.
Her artwork uses architectural themes as a framework for geometric patterns and saturated colors. The imagery is both reduced and exaggerated, reflecting the fragmented quality of memory. Repetition and reflection are prominent visual motifs in her drawings and sculpture. Architecture is central to the work not only for the structural elements but also for its inextricable presence in human life. Buildings all have their own place in history, stories to tell of their inhabitants, and unique connections to surrounding landscapes.

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Shyam Sreevalsan

Shyam Sreevalsan is a visual artist who focuses on generative art and AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted art. He is from India and is currently living and working in Finland as a technology consultant.

His work is influenced by nature and culture heritage from around the world. History, myth and pathos are often visible as undercurrents in his art. He specializes in generative abstracts, data paintings and experiments in human-machine collaboration where the workflow involves alternating layers of human and computer generated artistic expression.

Shyam's work can be acquired in both digital and print form.

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Marwa Elhawary

Marwa is an Egyptian artist born 1982, currently living with her husband in Finland since 2013. She has a 4 year old boy.

She graduated from Alexandria University, faculty of Fine arts 2004, where she studied sculpture, oil painting and photography, while specializing in graphics and colors separation.

She has over 10 years experience as a painter and worked as an interior designer for 7 years, at Contistahl group company in Cairo, Egypt where she designed kitchens, dressing rooms and bath rooms cabinets. 

At the moment she is establishing her own company in Finland, Nefer Arts, which sells paintings, ancient Egyptian home accessories and tromp l'oeil to homes with empty walls.

Her hobbies include singing, dancing, drawing, beauty, nature and is deeply interested in human rights and helping people.


Uko Williams

As a visual artist from Nigeria, I have always been finding new ways in developing my talent. I have done this through observing and learning how I can collaborate with my environment through paintings.

Travelling has always been a great opportunity for me to move to new environments, and a chance for me to develop my art creativity and to interact with people of different cultures and ideology.

Above all, it gives me the opportunity to showcase my God given talent. As a self-trained visual artist, I have come to know that an artist is affected by his or her environment, that’s why I have come to developed strong connection with my immediate environment wherever I find myself.

I have a thirst to continue in my works and to improve upon it. I believe that art means to dive inside a person, thereafter, exploring all beauty inside, leaving feelings and impressions upon your subconscious. * *

Lynda Addison. Leaf Green.jpg
Lynda Addison. It's a Wonderful World.jpg

Lynda Addison

I am an artist working primarily in glass. I also make mixed media art using my own photographs and mono-prints. I have exhibited annually since 2006, in Finland and the United Kingdom. My glass has been in the Glass Museum of Finland, and their publications. I also exhibit in galleries and online with the Contemporary Glass Society, U.K. I am based at Studio E, Helsinki.


Kirsi Syrlin

Kirsi Syrlin is a professional Finnish artist who has just returned back to Espoo after three years of living in Belgium. She has hold several exhibitions in Europe these last years, latest ones in Finland, Italy and Belgium. Her art works are also seen at the Atkinson Collection Gallery, Chicago, USA. Her art can be seen in many private collections in Europe and City of Helsinki has her paintings at Kivelä hospital walls. She has also had a solo exhibition at the Embassy of Finland in Brussels. She has now representation contracts with galleries in Italy and USA. Last year her art pieces were published in an Italian Artinside Magazine by curator Maddalena Grazzini and she was invited to participate to the Florence Biennale in October 2019.

Her style is usually semi-abstract, something you recognize, starts to melt into abstraction. She loves to play with colours, in some exhibitions she combines strong colours together and in some exhibitions she has a very soft palette. Either way, her works are recognizable, which makes them unique. In the current exhibition Joy, in Belgium, she has really found sunshine into her expressive paintings. Welcome to see the exhibition by yourself!


Pantelis Arvanitakis

Born in 1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus, he is a Greek contemporary artist.

Inspired by his kindergarten teacher mother's craftsmanship and his father's eclectic art and music taste he developed a passion for creativity. He spent his youth participating in art competitions in Greece and abroad. With no formal training in fine arts he developed his skills by participating in museum workshops and online courses. He has been living and working in Finland since 2013.

He is a dentist and the founder of Dexteritas, a startup providing practical skill training to professionals.His studio is located in the city center of Helsinki where he holds live demos and private exhibitions. 

The work aims to be a conversation about truth and nature. The style is inspired by 50s AbEx, Minimalism, Pop Art and Folk art.

Pantelis takes commissions and his work can be acquired in print form, as well.


Dina Nour

Dina Nour is a Finnish-Egyptian Dentist married and raised in Egypt.

She moved permanently to Finland in November 2018 and belongs to the Nyström family in Finland as well as the Nour's family in Egypt.

She studied lower school in french in "École Des Religieuses Franciscaines" in Cairo and upper degree Dentistry in "Misr International University".

Previously she was administrative assistant and Quality Assurance Course coordinator in Misr International University.

She played Basketball and was a Taekwondo player on the Egyptian official teams.

Her official hobbies are charcoal drawing and oil painting and started on 2001 in Egypt. 

Gates of Mercy.jpg

Tuuli Levit

Tuuli Levit (b. 1964) lives currently in Helsinki and, in the past, has lived in the Far East and Middle East regions for over two decades. Her artistic life started from learning the silk-painting process, which inspired her to experiment with colors and various techniques. Today her preferred media is acrylic paints, and she continues to experiment with different mixed media techniques. Her sources of inspiration come mainly from my life experiences, from the places she grew up in and lived, enhanced with spirituality and eastern symbolism. Abstract geometrical shapes and her vibrant colors aim to generate curiosity and surprise through the layers and allow for the viewer to explore their imagination through time and space.


Agnese Gemetto

Agnese Gemetto was born in Chivasso, Turin in 1982. She began painting at age 10. His sckool carrier start at "Primo Liceo Artistico” and continue at “Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti” in Turin and at “politecnico de Valencia”, Spain. She has received a Degree in Fine Arts at 2006.


Timo ala-vähälä

Timo Ala-Vähälä (b. 1958) is a free lance researcher and visual artist. He has given solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions since 2015. His main medium is drawing but he has also done installations and makes photographs. In addition to his own art, he has given drawing classes since 2016.


Maria Prokhorova

Maria is a dance artist and dance educator based in Helsinki.

At the age of 7 Maria started her serious dance training with classical ballet at Petrozavodsk Art School in Russia. Gradually her artistic interest in and about dance has changed from ballet to contemporary dance and dance improvisation.

In 2008 Maria moved to Finland to study at Theater Academy Helsinki and graduated as a Bachelor of Dance in 2011.

Through dance teaching she has found her way into childhood education and for last past years has been actively working with children from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

"I joined Helsinki International Artists Association because I always feel moved when the arts create experiences and contexts of multicultural diversity in our lives".


Sadjad Shokoohi

I came to Finland from Iran in 2014 to study, and fell in love with Finland so deep that after graduation I decided to stay in Finland.

I see myself as a woodart lover who has been doing Intarsia for the past 15 years, as a person who is enthusiastic about cultures, multiculturalism and feminism; who gets fascinated by literature and beautiful minds; and who has tried to combine educational sciences, cultural communication studies and art in his life to be able to positively affect his surroundings.

Oikeus koulutukseen.JPG

Rosamaria Bolom

Rosamaría Bolom (Mexico-Finland 1977) is a psychologist, artist and cultural promoter living in Helsinki. Since 2009 she has been working with  culture & art projects. In psychology she is interested in the otherness, subjectivity, human relations and symbolic language. As an artist Rosamaría is convinced that the universal language comes from the soul and is the best weapon to combat misunderstanding, prejudices, racism, ignorance, fear and other contemporary ills. From 2013 she have involved at Third Space Collective as co-founder, and member. This year Rosamaría is part of  “La Colectiva”, project that addresses the transfiguration of Latin american identity through experimental poetry and also, she is working an exhibition for children, youths and adults about children rights "Oikeudet Kaikille Maailman lapsille!" that will be exhibited this year until December 16th at Annantalo, Helsinki.

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Tähdede valgel 1.jpg

Epp Katus

"I am an an artist and illustrator born and educated in Estonia, I mostly paint and draw, but I have also studied psychodrama, art-therapy, and have been working as an art teacher. For me art is an endless journey filled with new challenges and the joy of discovery. It is the central axis of my life, which has always been there for me. I enjoy creating playful and mystical pieces; which I use to to express my emotions. I hope to make the viewer experience them too! I especially enjoy creating portraits, and because of this my work primarily depicts people."


Paola Saraste

She was educated in London, Bournemouth and Salisbury.

Her art is inspired by nature, films, literature and mystery.

Paola’s work is influenced by her early experiments in etching and linocut.

Currently she likes to explore subjects such as the human figure, perception and tone.

At present her work is mostly created by hand without digital imaging.

After brief experiments with digital imaging she now prefers to draw and paint just occasionally producing final touches with the computer.

Illustration and fine art are good words to describe her style.


Riika Helasmäki

Riika Helasmäki lives and works mostly in Espoo and some days in Spain. Her motivation for art is simply said life. It is all about the layers of life. Life is full of emotions, memories and moments, some of them happy and some of them unhappy,  some of them lived and some of them just stayed in ones dreams. In some moments It is imperative for her to create..Feeling is the starting point of everything...mostly it is about structure and layers. Like life itself. Layering resembles me of the memories or moments, you get a new memory after an other..and the life continues..creating a new structure of life..

She paints abstract structured surfaces and colour layers. Her hands are permissive and give space for changes – to live and to carry on. The tolerability and tolerance of an abstract form gives the viewer the freedom to think about the work individually. Her works open up through a feeling.

he horse as a topic is also strong and close to her. It is aesthetically pleasing. With the horse's movement the shape of the line changes, yet it draws the moment and the feeling to your mind. She is keen to use new techniques, applying the way to expression that I feel is most me. She works in the field of sculpture , painting and graphics. Currently working with a big abstract painting and wood sculptures. She take commissions in certain level.


Martina Miño Pérez

Ecuadorian Martina Miño Pérez (b.1990) is a multidisciplinary artist, poet and curator living and working in Helsinki, Finland.  Her work explores the relationship between the “real”, and the “imagined” territories of expression. She is constantly investigating the different forms poetry can take. Through collage, experimental writing, poetry, video, philosophy, installation and their different combinations she tries to evoque unexpected meanings and metaphors. Martina is member and curator of Third Space Collective, an artist run space presenting emerging art in the heart of Helsinki. She also works as part of LA COLECTIVA a collective of Latin American poets and visual artists living in Finland. Her poetry, collages, videos and texts have been exhibited and published in Europe, U.S.A, Japan and Latin America. Martina currently pursues her M.A of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art in Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Currently she has been part of several curatorial projects in Finland including Runo Koe (Experimental Poetry Room) in Third Space, Mechanics of Conformity and now works on a book called Muisti-kuvat: Archives of Identity from the eyes of Latin America in Finland, which will be published in December and is funded by Koneen Säätiö.


Sandra Heilemann

Sandra is an artist born 1975 in Southern Germany, mom of two boys, relocated in Finland 2005. Creativity is a red line through her whole life, having Art as favorite subject already during pre-school and school times and later through courses during adult life. Most of the time she approaches her works with a certain vision, inspired through words, feelings, situations and music. As the process moves forward, the vision becomes clearer. She constantly feels the urge to draw, this is why she always carries a sketchbook and a pencil with her to satisfy the "itching fingers" and to pickup on ideas. Some call this weird, she calls it expressing her creativity through her own spark of madness. Right now she is working on a series of paintings for a poem book that deals with a topic that is close to her heart, additionally she is in the progressing with another project that is in the start phase right now.

All of her paintings are available as originals and prints if not mentioned otherwise. She is also taking on commissions.

Bird of Paradise by Marius

Bird of Paradise by Marius

Marius Monkam

For Marius, wearing or using an object whose meaning can be explained, or an object to which you are attached because of your environment, or its usefulness gives you moments of happiness that are sometimes indescribable, these moments are therefore sooth and can be spread around you to make the world less violent. Marius is from Cameroon.

His motivation comes from his desire to bring a small moment of happiness and inner peace to a world that is becoming more and more violent. He draws his inspiration from nature, from all that surrounds him, its culture, its African origins, the European environment in which he lived for over a ten years already, what the what people life look like, his own life as well as the evolution of the technology and his impact on social life.

Because of his skill graphic design, the evolution of technology and opportunities that its offer nowadays, he decided to focus his work on digital art, the coverage area are pattern design , design on demand printing , logos and all sorts of graphic design . Currently he is working on a pattern design project

In parallel, he initiated a project to encourage young Africans to get involve inside digital technology by creating and selling and multimedia content via his platform (the language of the project is French and will be extended to English depending on the evolution of the project) anyone interest to support this project can contact him

All these projects including logo creation, patterns and on-demand printing are grouped and powered by  CloudMonde  which a solo trader company created by him.



Kemê (Spain, 1983)  is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki, who works in concepts like symbols, memory, identities, mutability, the unconscious and it's shadows through works that hybridise photography, performance, text, video and installation.
Fascinated by how we can use art as some sort of Alchemy for re-creation, Kemê tries to understand our nature and artificiality, the complexity of our own construction and the constructions we inhabit, our role in it, not predefined, not static. 

"I get lost in those questions and I find myself again, like the shapes of these constructions, always different. The status is “ongoing”, mutant, each part depends on the connexions between each part, the relationship with ourselves, with others, with what is outside us." 


Christina Andree (Sorokina)

Christina is a fashion designer and a visual artist. Born in USSR in 1989 and moved to Finland in 2006 Christina  mixes her background of two strong cultures – Finnish and Russian - in her fashion designs and art, the artistry and grace of Russian ballet with Finnish simplicity and functionality, her innovative use of materials and techniques with timeless style and quality. 

The passion for art and fashion came to Christina in her early childhood when her stylish mother gave her and her older sister their firs introduction to well designed and individual clothes. "I didn't remember myself without a pencil or quarrel brush in my hand" - Christina remembers.

Christina has graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 2012 and started her own brand Christina Andree which has been officially registered in 2015. Now Christina works for her own company, creates collections of ready-to-wear fashion designs, fabulous high-end costumes, exclusive wedding dresses and beautiful paintings and drawing. An artist and engineer by education, Christina always tries to find smart solutions to make her works both practical and filled with meaning. She likes to experiment with different techniques and materials which is shown in her last art works drawn in red wine. These works are combination of fine art and philosophy (Exhibition: "On Fragility: Omnia Vanitas", 17th August 2018 Raahe)

Brindle_galgo _Portrait 2.jpg

Louise Charles-Saarikoski

 ‘I am a dog painter and create paintings capturing the character and personality of the subject, something to be cherished now and a lasting memory for the future.’

Louise Charles-Saarikoski is a full-time oil painter. She takes commissions for custom made dog portraits and other animals. Working from her clients’ photographs means distance is no object, and therefore her work can be found in many countries around the world. Since adopting a galgo Espanol (Spanish greyhound) Louise has become increasing inspired to paint the slender form of these athletic dogs, and they are appearing more and more in her work. Originally from the UK she now lives in Finland and works from her studio in Helsinki.


Geneva Rosett-Hafter

Geneva Rosett-Hafter is an independent dancer and visual artist living in Helsinki, Finland. She grew up in Petaluma, California, learning art from her mother and enrolled in dance classes at a young age. 

She moved to London and completed her BA degree at Laban in Dance Theatre in 2005 - 2008. Rosett-Hafter worked as a massage therapist at Laban while also performing in her own works, choreographing for amateur theatre companies and working with other choreographers. Through this work, she developed her personal artistic style in dance and art.

In April 2011, she moved to Helsinki to continue her artistic career. She organizes and leads a weekly free Croquis class through the Sarjakuvakeskus as well as teaching art to children in Espoo, Finland. Her personal projects tend to explore the various outcomes of combining dance and visual art into one cohesive performance.

She has organized exhibitions and enjoys creating an artistic community that allows dancers and artists to mingle. She works regularly on her own body of work and has been on the board of the International Helsinki Artists Association since 2013 becoming the Chairman of the Board in 2018.

Fly over 23w.jpg

Hong Liu-Sertti

Hong is from Guangzhou, China but now has Finnish Citizenship and is rooted in Finland. She is a professional artist, art educator and gallerist of Galleria Kookos.

 Her art has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa in such prestigious places as the Lingnan Art museum, Satellite Art Fair of Art Basel Miami Beach as well as the Art Salon in Louvre Museum with the Theme of Freedom achieved from harmony of mankind and mankind with nature.

 The key element in her art is birds as metaphor of freedom, universal love and unity.

 “Her artwork appears in a tactile interplay of spaces and forms using a meditative symphony of brush strokes in elegant compositions”. ( Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian)


Eila Leonoff

Finnish visual artist and sculptor Eila Leonoff  finds inspiration from beautiful moments with friends, walking in the wild, from photography and the sun. Colors and passionate people have an especially strong influence on Eila's work. She has a specific talent in forming captivating abstract oil paintings and fine sculptures out of marble. She studied several forms of art at the University of art and design Helsinki and now owns the Weekend Gallery, a place to work an exhibit. She was the chairman of HIAA from 2015-2017 and she visits Italy every year to teach marble carving and to make her own new sculptures.


Susan Wilander

Susan is a journalist, artist and the founder of HIAA. The idea for the association came about, when she moved back to Finland after living 9 years abroad. She had been a member of API in Brussels and wanted to duplicate the great idea in Finland. In 2007 she found a like-minded artist friend and the association was born. She hopes the association will continue to promote international artists and to make their entry into the Finnish art world a little bit easier.

Her own artist career has been on the hold lately as she has focused on writing, but she always love to promote other – more talented - artists. One example of this is the radio program series she did a few years ago, with several programs on the HIAA member artists at the time.

You can listen to the programs on her website: .