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Dace Strausa

Visual Artist


I was born in Latvia and now live in Finland. Ever since early childhood, I loved animals and horses in particular. This is why after graduating high-school, I went to study horse-breeding in Moscow, which at that time (Latvia then was behind "the iron curtain") was the only option. During the time there, I also had an excellent opportunity to master things that are useful for painting, such as equine anatomy, behaviour, various characters, horse breeds and their visual diversity.

For as long as I can remember myself, I have always been drawing and have taken particular pleasure in this activity.

Later on, I studied at the Art Academy of Latvia preparatory courses, but I've learned more by doing and learning from artists. For a year, I studied at a photography school with an internationally renowned photography artist. This way, layer by layer, I've built my professional skills.

Most of my works are oil on canvas, but occasionally I use other media, too.

From time to time, I showcase my work in exhibitions. These have taken place in several countries' galleries, museums and shows. Sometimes, I also take part in international art festivals and symposiums. The geography of the owners of my paintings is rather far-reaching.

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