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Katya Troi

Visual artist - painting

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The Seekers.jpg
The Jupiter lights on Mars.jpg

"My art works open one’s imagination to follow his inner child to feel free once again. I would like to put a pause on daily routine and wake you up in my colorful world, where non existent exists and impossible is possible."

I was born and raised in Moscow. Since my childhood I loved
painting, but made it to the art classes only when I was 12.
Those were Russian traditional painting on the wood, where we
painted wooden eggs, matreshka dolls, boards and focused a
lot on folklore itself, organized by my beloved teacher Zemfira
Talgatovna, whose advices are in use even today despite the
fact I don’t do folklore any longer.

Then I graduated from Moscow State University of Sports and
Tourism in the field of hotel and restaurant management with
masters with honors and moved to New York City for 6 years.
NYC has formed a strong base in my art philosophy - I can
dream big and I will find my place in the art world sooner or
My active phase of growing in art had started in Helsinki in
2020. Today I identify myself as a contemporary artist-cosmist
(Cosmism is a complex intellectual movement that blends
Orthodox theology with scientific forecasting).

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Falling stars are for  jellyfishes.jpg
Falling stars are for whales.jpg
New Africa.jpg
Mysteries of the  Nymph.jpg
Hidden world.jpg
The Blooming Gardens of Mars.jpg
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