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Fine Artist


My artistic path started in 2014 when I focused on contemporary art and began to express my feelings and emotions on canvas. It did not happen at once; it was a long way of understanding and searching myself in art. It is an ongoing process.


Simplicity and balance, power of nature, darkness and silence are what inspire me. By abstract artworks, I want the viewer to only trust their feelings.


Color and text play the main roles in my artworks. However, text works as movements of brush and expression of position of an object, not as words per se. I often use poetry in my paintings which should interest the visitor, and only then, if something hooks him, he will dive into the details independently.


Furthermore, Abstract art helps me to express myself through textures, lines and shapes. For instance, I include different objects in paintings, e.g. orange peels, fish line or dust. Through all of these, I experiment and encourage my involvement and imagination.


Education: Culture and Art, Contemporary Art Bachelor program in Novia University of Applied Sciences (Pietarsaari, Finland).

Sculpture Risk.JPG
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