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“I want to embrace the viewer with my paintings, on many levels, for several senses and give hope and light in the darkness”   -HELENA


She is a strong, resourceful and energetic artist. At the same time she is also humble and open to new opportunities. She wants to highlight both the beauty and the goodness around us to embrace the viewer with colors and feelings as well as raise questions and show what is not always seen or brought out.


She is fascinated both by small concrete details in everyday life, and can get eager for the smallest detail where light and shadow play. However she also express deeper questions about life, and has previously been involved in climate issues. Once she has an aspiration, she works purposefully but also intuitively and expressively.

Helena Hartman was born in Sweden, but she has lived in Finland for a large part of her life. She has completed a vocational degree as a free artist (3-year education) in the Free Art School, as well as a visual arts teacher degree (Art Master) from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. She is currently painting full time in her studio in Helsinki. 

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if you would like to learn more, please visit Helena's website and social media

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