Henna Pajulammi

Abstract Artist


Henna Pajulammi is a self-taught abstract artist, PhD (LL.D.) in law and an attorney living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Henna is a passionate painter. For her, painting is like music. It takes her places and feeds her soul.

“In art I can be out of line. I get to be a rebel. I get to hang out in wool socks and have paint in my hair. That is radical. That is dynamite.”, Henna says.


Henna’s inspiration rises from contrasts that she faces in everyday life. You can see it in colors, in tones of voices, in professions, in personalities - in almost everything around you. Her art is a play of galaxies, champagne bubbles, and gingerbread. Most of her paintings are on the happier side of the rainbow which she believes radiates from her paintings as good Sunday-like vibes. There are fireworks and rollercoasters but always some softer corners too. Feminine and masculine are present in her art, like in nature.

Most often Henna uses bright colors in her work.  She uses a palette knife and pieces of cardboard to create sliding effects, which creates the energy of colors playing together and off of each other.

Henna has several exhibitions lined up in Finland and abroad and her paintings can be found in private collections in Europe and USA.