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Linda Goodrum

Visual Artist

linda trees.jpg

Linda has had a lifelong passion for all things creative particularly painting and sculpture. She has studied sculpture in Munich, Aberdeen and Rome and taken painting courses in Bavaria and Scotland. Her ideas are developed through sculpting with wire, scrap metal, ceramic, plaster and clay sometimes transitioning these eventually into Heat-Cast Bronze and by painting in acrylics, oils and pastels. She enjoys tackling a variety of subjects usually via preliminary sketches using whichever chosen medium to connect in a meaningful way with the viewer. She relocated to Finland in 2020 and has just finished setting up her studio and is currently working on a series of small meditative abstract artworks with a view to scaling up to larger pieces.

Commissions are welcomed.

linda boat.jpg
linda head.jpg
linda sky.jpg
linda metal.jpg
linda sea.jpg
linda dolphin.jpg
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