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Luiza Lehtinen

Visual Artist


"I’m very much interested in feelings and the mysteries of subconsciousness. For me, art has been a way to communicate and link with my own unconscious mind, and through that connection to the full world, we know very little of. The great spaces, the great secrets inside us—there is no better pool for inspiration.


Each one of my artworks contains memories, feelings, dreams, and fears. I feel it’s important that through art I can make even a small impact on the world: a smile, a remembrance, a fleeting thought. With small steps, we make great  changes."

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Luiza Lehtinen is Georgia-born, an intuitive and expressive artist currently living and working in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Looking at her artwork one gets a feeling that colors have simply been born to their places, and everything is just as it should—and yet still in the movement, telling stories and secrets you were not just aware about, reaching to the future.

Luiza Lehtinen1
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