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Marianne Valonlehto

Visual Artist & Photographer


"As an artist my aim is to bring more beauty and harmony to this world. I hope my art will be inspiring, opening and healing. My wish is that it will make you feel good and connected. I think that what our world needs right now, is more of a real open-hearted connection."

 Marianne Valonlehto is a Finnish visual artist and a photographer. She has graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design, LAMK as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts. At the moment Valonlehto is working on with two different art series: My Nature and The Inner Temple.In these art series the inner imaginational worlds and reconnecting to nature are coming together. Within these series she is exploring the relationship with nature. With the nature she is meaning our inner essences as well as the forests and wildlife. 

Besides arts Valonlehto has been studying yoga and different kinds of meditation techniques for over 17 years. She has been exploring ancient traditions from India, Tibet and Peru. To get a deeper understanding to these traditions, she has been periodically living in India and in Peru. In addition to these topics she has been studying the ancient natural wisdoms from the northern European countries.

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