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Visual Artist


MDAUTEUIL is a French Canadian who has lived in France for a few years and has now settled in Finland, Since 2006. she associates different elements: bones, glass, soot, snake moults, blood, metals, stones, insects, dried short, all-natural materials are an inspiration. Her pregnancies impacted on her art: cartesian lines faded and gave way to curves and movement. Her trades as a former jeweller and glassblower combined with studies in psychology have influenced the materials used and their disposal.

Having lived her childhood in the North-Canadian woods, the artistic work of Mdauteuil is strongly imbued with ecological awareness. She also undertakes to work with artisans and encourages local companies in her host land. The last collection Maria Rosa was born with a desire to conscientiously immortalize flowers. Allowing bouquets to become eternal and to remember their precious moments.


Inspired by the desire to design with nature while respecting it; Remarkably meticulous, her fascinating compositions uniquely combine the creation and preservation of memories. Each composition is its own unique little world, a wall art piece adorned with a vegetal decor, a planet offering a new tale surrounding human being and memory.

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