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Lana Said

Artist - Actress & Singer

I am a motivated and passionate Syrian

actress and singer with fifteen years of

experience of movies, television series,

singing and working with different

projects on the cultural scene. Now I live

permanently in Finland and I am looking

for new opportunities at the Arts, TV and




● Acting.

● Photography.

● Singing.

● Writing.

● Drawing.


Arabic - Native

English - Intermediate


Academy of art, Cairo, Egypt.

Studied two years animation at higher institute of




● “ Ala Kaff Afreit” TV Series(2013), Directed by:

Kamal Mansour.

● “ Abwab Al Khouf” TV Series (2011)-as episode

guest- Directed by: Ahmed Khalid.

● “ Barra Al Donia” TV Series (2010) Directed by:

Magdy Abu O’Meara.

● “ Al Keber Awe” TV Series (2010)-as episode guest-

Directed by: Islam Khairy.

● “ Lahazat Harega (part 2)” TV Series (2010)- as

episode guest-Directed by: Ahmed Saleh.

● “ Harramt Ya Baba (part 1)” TV set-com (2009)

Directed by: Ahmed Saleh.

● “ A’az As’hab” Movie (2009) Directed by: Ahmed

Samir Farag.


● “ Rami Al Etesami” Movie (2008) Directed by: Sami


● “ 45 Days” Movie (2007) Directed by: Ahmed Yousri.

● “ Al Shayateen” Movie (2007) Directed by: Ahmed

Abu Zeid.

● “ Radio Star” TV set-com (2005) Directed by: Ali


● “ Al Seif Al Wardi” TV series (2004) Directed by:

Ahmed Yehya.

● “ Saye’a Bahr” Movie (2004) Directed by: Ali Ragab.

● “ Seib Wa Ana Aseib” Movie (2004) directed by:

Wael Sharkas.


● CD Album “ United States Of Arabia” by AK (Arabian

Knights)-Rap Band- has been released included two

songs ft. Lana (Fokkak,Domou’ Al Madina)(2014).

● “ Fokkak” Song & Video Clip ft. AK (Arabian Knights)

Rap band (2007).

● “ Domou’ Al Madina” Song & Video Clip ft. AK

(Arabian Knights) Rap Band (2007).

● “ Mathelt Alayya” Single Song & viedo clip realesed

on Mazzika TV (2006).

● Signed a contract with “Mazzika” (big music

production company) and released an album (2006).

● Participated in “Star Maker” (TV Singing Talent

Competition Show) and reached top 5 then released

two songs in (star mix 2003) album.

● Participated in Musical Ceremony for U.A.E National

Day (2000).

● Passed the Voice Test in the Egyptian Radio And TV

Union and became official (2000).

● Joined the children’s Choir with Maestro “Salim

Sahaab” (1996).


● Joined in Painting Exhibition with various artists like

Mohmmed Rahma at “Art Corner” Zamalek, Cairo


● Had my own Painting And Drawing Exhibition in

gallery “Makan” , Zamalek, Cairo (2010).


● Joined in Painting Exhibition with Helsinki

International Artists Association, Caisa , Helsinki

( 2017)

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