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Pantelis Arvanitakis

Illustrator, Fine Artist


Born in 1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus, he is a Greek contemporary artist.

Inspired by his kindergarten teacher mother's craftsmanship and his father's eclectic art and music taste he developed a passion for creativity. He spent his youth participating in art competitions in Greece and abroad. With no formal training in fine arts he developed his skills by participating in museum workshops and online courses. He has been living and working in Finland since 2013.

He is a dentist and the founder of Dexteritas, a startup providing practical skill training to professionals.  His studio is located in the city center of Helsinki where he holds live demos and private exhibitions. 

The work aims to be a conversation about truth and nature. The style is inspired by 50s AbEx, Minimalism, Pop Art and Folk art.

Pantelis takes commissions and his work can be acquired in print form, as well.

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