Globe Art Point

The Globe Art Point is established and managed by the Suomen kansainvälisten taiteilijoiden keskus – International Artists´ Center Finland association (IACF) , funded in 2016. IACF is supported in 2017 by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture and Helsinki City.

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Art Discounts for Members

For normal products -10%

And for our own brand

Colorfield Oil Colours -20% for members

Kauppakatu 15
33200 Tampere, Finland

Kookos Galleria

Gallery based in Helsinki which has been used by HIAA for an exhibition.

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Third Space

Third Space is a cross border transcultural collective that seeks to erase the invisible lines that separate us. Our collective identity and goals are shaped by diverse geopolitical views and backgrounds. Our aim is to observe from both ‘the outside in’ and ‘the inside out’ in order to create new ways of understanding what marginal and central are in Finnish society, and how to bridge them through dialogue. Third Space emerged as a response to the lack of inclusivity and diversity in the Finnish art scene. Inclusivity is not a fixed concept but a changing one. Our role is to identify its different forms and to respond to them. 

Third Space is an incubator for generating ideas, a space for encounters, a space for people, art and its production. We endeavour to translate theories into actions. As the art field is becoming more and more capitalized and art practices are becoming increasingly individualized, we aim to accentuate collaborative practices over competitive ones. To support these ideas, Third Space is a space free of charge. 

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 La Colectiva is us. Four women. Latin American poets, visual and sound artists based in Helsinki, Finland. We use poetry to experiment its relationship with other forms of language and communicate contents that have been silenced or under represented by the hegemonic voices that define marginality and the peripheries.  Our experience as artists living abroad has inspired us to talk about themes such as “origin” and “destination”, “ home”, and the different faces identity can have. 

Our experience as workers of culture and of the arts and immigrants has migratory movements focused on the Latin American community. Since the 1970’s the Latin American cultural motor in Finland is powerful but, what is exactly happening inside it? What content is being shaped from within? What motivates it and how are different voices in dialogue with each other?

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Sava Miskovsky - Photographer and Videographer

Thank you to Sava for our beautiful videos.

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