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Rafael Guerra 

Visual Artist 


“A love for nature and for the natural world is my greatest source of inspiration. The connection we have to the world we live in, and the influences it has on us, through senses, feelings, emotions, time, is a source of joy to me. We tell tales, create myths and live adventures to connect with our world, our past, our spirits, and write our own histories. I paint moments of both the natural and of our world to immerse myself in that joy, and tell my own stories."


Rafael Guerra was born in 1987 in Recife, on the northeast coast of Brazil. Being one of the oldest and largest cities in Brazil, Recife is a cultural centre, where Guerra grew up exploring an affinity to art from a young age. He first majored in Biology at University, but his love for art made him move to Italy, where he began his studies in Drawing and Painting at The Florence Academy of Art (FAA), then leaving Biology behind and investing in a future as a painter.


During his time at the Academy, his work received different prizes, one of which allowed him, after his graduation in 2012, to study and work alongside the Director Daniel Graves in his studio in Florence, whilst also taking on the role of assistant teacher in the FAA Intensive Drawing Program for one year. After fully graduating, in 2013, Guerra taught for 2 years at the FAA, before moving to Finland, where he currently lives and works, having a private studio in the city of Loviisa. He also works from his private studio in Brazil, in the coastal city of Olinda. Following his passion for Nature and Culture, he tries to dedicate his time painting between these two countries, believing these two different environments are sources of great inspiration.


Guerra has exhibited his work in Brazil, Italy, England and Finland. On his work, Guerra tends to be influenced by his love for nature, for tales and myths, and fantasy related aspects of life. He draws inspiration from the nature around him, especially in forest-covered Finland, where he spends most of his time. His works reflect this passion for natural things, incorporating aspects of a rustic, natural life, with vibrant dramatic colours portraying the beauty of the natural world.

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