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Riika Helasmäki

Visual Artist


Riika Helasmäki lives and works mostly in Espoo and sometimes in Spain. Her motivation for art is simply said life. It is all about the layers of life. Life is full of emotions, memories and moments, some of them happy and some of them unhappy,  some of them lived and some of them just stayed in ones dreams. In some moments It is imperative for her to create. Feeling is the starting point of everything...mostly it is about structure and layers. Like life itself. Layering resembles me of the memories or moments, you get a new memory after an other..and the life continues..creating a new structure of life..

She paints abstract structured surfaces and colour layers. Her hands are permissive and give space for changes – to live and to carry on. The tolerability and tolerance of an abstract form gives the viewer the freedom to think about the work individually. Her works open up through a feeling.

The horse as a topic is also strong and close to her. It is aesthetically pleasing. With the horse's movement the shape of the line changes, yet it draws the moment and the feeling to your mind. She is keen to use new techniques, applying the way to expression that I feel is most me. She works in the field of sculpture , painting and graphics. Currently working with a big abstract painting and wood sculptures. She take commissions in certain level.

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