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Sandra Heilemann

Visual Artist


Sandra is an artist born 1975 in Southern Germany, mom of two boys, relocated in Finland 2005. Creativity is a red line through her whole life, having Art as favorite subject already during pre-school and school times and later through courses during adult life. Most of the time she approaches her works with a certain vision, inspired through words, feelings, situations and music. As the process moves forward, the vision becomes clearer. She constantly feels the urge to draw, this is why she always carries a sketchbook and a pencil with her to satisfy the "itching fingers" and to pickup on ideas. Some call this weird, she calls it expressing her creativity through her own spark of madness. Right now she is working on a series of larger scale artworks.

All of her paintings are available as originals and prints if not mentioned otherwise. She is also taking on commissions.

Sandra Heilemann.jpeg
Sandra Heilemann1_edited.jpg
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