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Shannon Amey

Visual Artist

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Shannon Amey’s work explores identity as it connects to lived experiences and origin stories from individual to cultural points of view. Her artwork is a translation of emotions into abstract expressive forms. The artist's paintings illuminate notions of identity extracted from personal memoirs. Shannon’s life and work have taken her around the world, both as a visitor and a resident. The artist has adopted a somewhat transcultural identity as a result. Exposure and immersion to different cultures breaks barriers and creates opportunities for understanding and growth. Shannon was born in Canada and now lives in Finland.

The artist is primarily self represented and work can be acquired directly from her website. Shannon offers a variety of freelance services such as commissioned artworks, corporate and private group online courses and workshops, artist counselling, artist mastermind groups, portfolio reviews, creativity consulting and corporate learning and development seminars. Please contact Shannon directly and subscribe to her newsletter to stay informed of upcoming releases. Shannon is a professional artist formally trained at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, Canada. Her academic path led her to the University of New Brunswick for an alternative degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership followed by a postgraduate degree in Art Education. The artist completed her academic path with a graduate degree in Creativity, Love, and Spirituality from the University of Calgary.

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