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Tania Crossingham

Visual Artist and teacher - heraldic, medieval and visionary artist

“My intent as an Artist is to use universal symbolism and sacred words to create images that speak to people on a soul level and a message to encourage them to find balance within.  My vision is that these images will inspire and challenge people to become more; to search within and connect with a deeper aspect of themselves.”

Tania Crossingham is an Australian born artist now living in Finland. She has been studying and creating Illuminated Manuscripts for over thirty years. She began her professional career as an Art and History teacher, then left formal education to pursue her passion for medieval illumination. Her work has been exhibited in numerous, galleries, and museums. She has been Artist in residence at Cathedrals, museums and the two largest medieval festivals in the Southern hemisphere. Her work has been presented to Queen Elizabeth II, and used in Warner Brother Films.

She now creates original illuminations and heraldic art for clients across the world. In her spare time she is developing a range of contemporary works using marbled papers. Tania also has a great love of teaching, passing on her knowledge and skills to others so that this exquisite art form will not be forgotten. 

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medieval illumination by Tania Crossingham
Potential web.jpg
Know thyself.jpg
Alex Stanic2.jpg
Divine Inspiration.jpg
St George with corner flourishes cropped web.jpg
Lunae circuitus.jpg

Tania is also developing a new range of surface pattern designs suitable for fabric and wallpapers.

You can see her full range of designs here.


Butterflies and flowers.jpg
Georgian peacocks.jpg
Parisian fantasy.jpg
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