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Thane van Nierkerk

Pop artist and educator

kNOCK kNOCK 2020.jpg

Thane is a South African artist from the Eastern Cape. He has a passion for creativity, imparting knowledge and the process of art making. Thane works in mixed media, with a predominately Pop art style.


His greatest influences are the Neo Dadaist art movement, comics and popular culture. He is constantly challenging the idea of art and the processes used to create artworks. His drive is to empower people to become creative in their own way, give them a space for expression and expand their creative knowledge.

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music master 2020.jpg
zombies can 2020.jpg
i love mom 2020.jpg
SHY FI 58.jpg
chucky and the cheese final 2020.jpg
less paul 2020.jpg
moomin 2020.jpg
i scream 2020.jpg
do or dont 2020.jpg
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