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Katya Muhhina

Visual Artist


”Experience the magic of my energy paintings and let your soul indulge in the conversation of the Universe”


 Hello, my name is Katya Muhhina, and I was born in Estonia in 1980. As a child, I was always fascinated by drawing still-life paintings using oil paints. This passion for art led me to pursue a degree in industrial design at the prestigious Academy of Art in Tallinn.


After completing my studies, I embarked on an adventure and spent three years in the United States. I was exposed to different cultures and gained valuable experience during this time.


Nowadays, I live in Helsinki with my loving husband and two wonderful children. In 2022, I experienced a spiritual awakening when I discovered the power of energy paintings and mandalas. My encounter with sacred symbols and their meanings inspired me to share this ancient knowledge through art. Using acrylic paints and embellishing with semi-precious stones and crystals, I create energy paintings that radiate unique power, enhancing the soulful experience of my mandalas. 


My art is a conversation between the Universe and the soul, and I invite you to experience its magic and indulge in a soulful conversation with the Universe.

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