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Take a glance at how our members are making wise choices for our planet.


1 JUNE 2023


'We are responsible for every item we buy and possess'   


-Pola, HIAA MEMBER and Elected Boardmember 2023


25 Nov. 2023


I found this little cute teddy bear  abandoned in free waste room in recycling center, completely dirty and broken in several places. Of course I rescued this cutie and took home with me  Plush animals, especially teddies and bunnies trigger my deep empathy and sensitivity and I can't just pass by...

Process of restoration:


- assess what cleaning method is correct for each bear or soft toy 

- remove the filling 

- clean - in this case of a modern bear I could just give him a good bath with gentle soap and foam 

- air drying 

- add filling (here I added extra poly filling for fullness)

- fix all tears and holes 

- brush / groom 

- add  or other accessories 


Maybe you have a teddy of your own who could use a refresher?


more coming soon! Are you a HIAA MEMBER interested in joining this page's green initiatives? you can email an inquiry to

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